Earlier this year, I wrote a plain and simple post about the plain and simple, authoritative nature of current GOP leadership desires. I was flagged by Medium and contacted via email. Being from Mississippi, I was immediately suspicious. After all, Mississippians aren’t supposed to have access to technology, according to popular culture, let alone know how to use it to critique our government and culture. However, I say this sadly, January 6, 2021 “proved” that everything I typed in that blog post was true.

Earlier this year, I posted about how Mississippians of color actually view the GOP. While it is never a good idea to question anybody’s internal motivations, I feel that I can speak on the intentions of most GOP members, because I live with the results of their actions — not their words. For that post, Medium flagged me and contacted me via email. It seems that the editors here were either afraid of the images that I’d chosen, or they were afraid of offending the current President. Either way, every single word that I put forth in that blog proved to be true, and that sad part is, I am just depressed and distraught about it. Five people are dead and many others are injured. And I know if those rioters had been black, the numbers would have been astronomical. I am ultimately sad for the way America looks to the rest of the world. We are a joke, and many of our lawmakers, blinded by their vested interest in the maintenance of white supremacy, do not seem to understand that the rest of the world is laughing at them — not with them. …


LaToya R Jefferson-James

LaToya Jefferson-James has a Ph.D. in literature. She specializes in literature of the African Diaspora and cultural criticism.

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